Capturing your very soul. Naturally.
Showing the world you mean business.
Documenting your world of talent.
Getting out there, even when it's cold!

Studio Bee Creative is the business of Rich Blenkinsopp, providing creative services to creative people in St. John’s, Newfoundland. ┬áSpecializing in studio style portraiture and concert photography, but with an open mind to capture what moves you.

My default style is crisp, clean and natural but I’m open to creating different styles if that’s your thing. In concert photography, I’m looking for the emotion and drama. In portraiture, I’m looking for honesty and soul.

Prices are cheap, but the quality isn’t – I genuinely want you to be happy when you leave with images from Studio Bee. I don’t nickle and dime you for each type of usage. Pay me to shoot your photos and use them however you want. When I take your photo, you own it.

I use Nikon crop and full frame cameras, and have the ability to connect instantly to social media channels for instant sharing when it’s appropriate.

Check here for specials – when I’m looking to do something new, enhance a skill, or experiment, I work for free. It might take a little extra of your time, but you get the same service without having to pay for it. ┬áDetails of specials will provide all you need to know so that you know what you’re getting into. Take full advantage of this. I love taking photographs and while clients help keep me equipped, they don’t put food on my table. I want to work, so lets do this thing!