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Black and White images, often as part of a five day challenge.

Jul 31

Summer Catch up

Despite the awful Newfoundland summer we’re having, I have been quite productively taking photographs. This is a long post, so go grab a drink and get comfortable (or click out). I have invested in a new full frame Nikon D610 camera which sits beside my very capable crop frame Nikon D7100. The FX sensor of …

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Feb 26

Cold Outdoors

Joelle and Viva

I did three shoots with Joelle and Viva, two of which were in the absolute freezing cold.  We’ve yet to finalize images choices, but here are some of my early favourites…

Feb 26

It’s been a busy couple of weeks…

Lots to catch up on.  For starters, here are some images of Christine Carter and Rob Power rehearsing for a concert as part of the Music at Memorial series.

Feb 13

TorQ at Newfound Music Festival

TorQ and MUN Wind Ensemble

TorQ Percussion Ensemble performed with the MUN Wind Ensemble at Newfound Music Festival.  Here are some of my favourite photos from the last rehearsal. And just a couple of black and white conversions for contrast…

Jan 24

Black & White Noisemakers


Today was the first day in years that my trumpet has come up for air… it was used as a photographic model though, probably much to its disappointment.  I took these as demos for my latest challenge on DP Review, which is to photograph your favourite musical instrument, with no human in the picture.

Nov 18

Black and White Challenge II

B&W: I've Got a Fan

I have once again been challenged to produce five black and white images in five days.  Here are my entries. Click an image to start a slideshow.

Oct 25

Black and White Challenge I

B&W: Plug in the studio

Here’s the results of my first black and white challenge – shoot five black and white photographs in five days.