Concert Photography

Tanya Tagaq

I’ve been cutting my teeth on a huge variety of concerts over the last few years, primarily at the St. John’s Arts & Culture Centre and Memorial University’s School of Music. I’d be happy to come and shoot your concert at these or any other major facility in the St. John’s/Mount Pearl area. For venues I have not shot before, I would like to do a pre-show walk through to assess lighting levels and accessibility.  This is off the clock, so that you don’t need to worry about it being another cost. During the show, I am unobtrusive, and never inconvenience your performers or the audience.

My hourly rate is competitive, and you just pay for the time I’m at the venue. Normal editing is done at my own expense, and final images are delivered within a week, optimized for web and print use. If you need some special crops for your purposes, I can provide these for a range of suitable shots without additional charge. Since this sometimes affects the framing of the original shots, it is imperative that you advise me of any special crops you may need before the show, so that I can determine whether I need to shoot wider than I normally would to accommodate them. For edit requests outside of my normal style, additional charges may apply if they are considered very time intensive, but this hardly ever happens. Most editing is considered “normal editing”.

I value repeat business, and so ensuring you’re happy with what I provide is very important to me. I am able to adapt to several different workflows where you hold as much or as little control over the images I get as you feel comfortable with.  Given a totally free reign, I normally shoot between 800 and 1500 images for a full, two set show, and deliver around 10% of them. Ten percent might not sound like a high percentage, but I do fully represent your show, and only deliver what I consider the best shots of the event. The unpredictable nature of human movement often means shooting a similar scene several times in order to ensure capturing the best expressions.

My default style is clean, sharp, and full colour. Other options are available though if that’s not your style.