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Belgian Sidick debuted at the 4th CIIE, cultivating smart medical care to "speed up" healthy China

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With the in-depth application and practice of new-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, sensor technology, and cloud computing in the field of smart medical care, my country's medical and health informatization construction level and degree of intelligence have been developed by leaps and bounds, and gradually upgraded from equipment intelligence. The road to a more comprehensive and systematic smart medical system construction
        With the in-depth application and practice of new-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, sensor technology, and cloud computing in the field of smart medical care, my country's medical and health informatization construction level and degree of intelligence have been developed by leaps and bounds, and the equipment is gradually upgraded from the intelligent upgrade route Shift to the construction of a more comprehensive and systematic smart medical system. In the process of continuous improvement of the overall medical level and construction level of domestic large hospitals, how to sink high-quality medical resources to the grassroots and extend to the people has also become a problem to be solved in the process of optimizing the entire medical system. Speeding up the rational allocation of medical resources, sharing and merging resources between urban hospitals, county hospitals, and township health centers, can be said to be a success in the future. This is also an important measure to realize the early realization of "Severely ill cannot leave the province", and it is inevitable to promote the construction and development of smart medical care, implement the "Healthy China" strategy, improve the management and service levels of medical institutions, and provide the society with high-quality, efficient and intelligent medical services. trend.
        On November 5th, the Belgian smart medical brand Sidic brought its X-Med series of products to the 4th China Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “CIIE”), focusing on digital products and services, focusing on sleep rehabilitation, neurorehabilitation, The four major areas of musculoskeletal rehabilitation and organ rehabilitation will show the results of research and development, share and discuss the application of innovative technologies in the medical industry with colleagues in the industry, and jointly promote the "speed up" of healthy China.
The R&D direction of smart medical care is no longer a single product, but a patient-centric medical system
        At the launch meeting of the "Healthy China" Smart Medical Strategy Project held a few days ago, Dong Jiahong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said: The essence of medical care is to provide high-quality, efficient, and economical health and medical services. , Use smart technology to solve the pain points of medical services, reshape the "full element, full process, and full chain" national health care service system, and vigorously promote the development of smart medical care.
        Indeed, the construction of the medical system is a project, relying on brick by brick to build a smart medical service system with the concept of engineering governance. At the CIIE, the X-Med series of products displayed by Sidick Digital Health started from this concept, and used the RHIS digital rehabilitation management system to interconnect X-Med upper limb robots, X-Med gyromagnetic treatment systems, and X-Med. Intelligent products such as ankle rehabilitation trainers have created a whole-process intelligent solution integrating "hardware + software + service", and will improve the data and visualization of products as the top priority for efficiency.

【X-Med Gyromagnetic Therapy System 2.0】
        As one of the highlights of the Xidic exhibition hall, the Xidic Sleep Experience Room with gyromagnetic diagnosis and treatment, smart wear, and computer software systems as the core is very popular. It is reported that the sleep experience room collects physiological indicators related to human sleep health and mental health through smart wearable devices and computer software, analyzes and processes professional algorithms to form evaluation reports and intervention plans, and then uses smart devices connected to the system to improve users’ sleep , Reduce mental stress. The three phases cycle back and forth to form a sleep conditioning system that integrates assessment, solution, and treatment.
        Another highlight of the Hidick exhibition hall is its mimicry interactive training system. This system takes immersive rehabilitation training as an innovative point. Through visual, auditory, and virtual touch feedback, it transforms boring rehabilitation training into continuous stimulation of users’ initiative. The quantifiable training goal of participation and independent creativity solves the negative emotions of patients during rehabilitation training. After the training, the system will automatically get the test evaluation results, including heart rate, similarity and other data, to evaluate the training effect. This system has been used by many community rehabilitation workstations to serve the daily rehabilitation training of the elderly in the community.
        From the above two core products, it is not difficult to see the innovative capabilities of Sidick Digital Health in the field of smart medical care. The construction of its product system can effectively reduce the workload of medical staff and improve medical efficiency, so as to provide patients with quality, efficiency and convenience. Medical services.
The development direction of smart medical care is not only the depth of regional medical care, but also the breadth of benefiting the people’s livelihood
        In the next five years, China's smart healthcare will enter a golden period of development. The development of smart healthcare involves patient services, clinical diagnosis and treatment, hospital operation management, regional medical collaboration, and family health management. Through the development and application of smart medical care, such as clinical assistance decision-making systems, artificial intelligence-assisted diagnosis and treatment, mobile medical and other information technology empowerment, the improvement of medical staff's diagnosis and treatment efficiency, diagnosis and treatment capabilities, and diagnosis and treatment quality has been initially achieved.
        my country’s big cities have made rapid progress in the construction of smart medical care in terms of medical configuration, service and intelligence, and the problems brought about by its development are gradually increasing: urban and rural patients gather in provincial and municipal hospitals , The problem of not being able to queue up to see a doctor, and being unable to enter the hospital is becoming more and more serious. In order to solve the current uneven allocation of medical resources, the difficulty of medical treatment for the masses, and the expensive medical treatment, regional medical coordinated services have emerged at the historic moment.
        Sidick Digital Health takes as the starting point to solve the difficulties of urban and rural residents in seeing a doctor, and is committed to combining international advanced medical concepts with medical services to create an integrated medical community that integrates urban hospitals with county-level and lower medical institutions into a "family" Construction service solutions.
        First, to achieve the coordinated development of regional medical level through the construction of the medical community information platform. In this regard, Sidick has built a telemedicine platform, a regional information platform, etc., and the construction of multi-platform informatization ensures the exchange of information and data between patients, county medical institutions, urban hospitals, and doctors.
        Second, promote the realization of family health prevention-treatment-rehabilitation life cycle management, including Internet consultation, health management, medical-grade smart wearable devices, etc., to realize the integration of disease prevention and treatment of the medical community.
        Third, build a rehabilitation service vehicle. It can integrate AI rehabilitation evaluation and intervention system, hand rehabilitation robot, body composition analyzer, plantar pressure tester, rehabilitation power car, automatic biochemical analyzer, portable color ultrasound, electrocardiograph, electronic blood pressure monitor, height and weight scale, printer And other software and hardware products. Meet the needs of basic patrol inspection, rehabilitation evaluation, and training, and provide more flexible, more portable, and smarter medical community services for the county medical community.
        In the future, Sidick will continue to be driven by technological innovation to help China's medical industry to upgrade and transform toward smart medical care, and further provide services for medical institutions and patients through digital, visual, and intelligent products, improve medical quality, and improve the medical experience of the people. Improve residents' happiness index. For a healthier and better life, Sidick is willing to work hand in hand with all walks of life to go all out!