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Studio headshots with flutist, Emery.
A long exposure at the Ocean Sciences Centre.
Stanbridge Drums
Studio shot of a Todd Sucherman signature snare drum by Stanbridge Drums.
Florian Hoeffner, jazz pianist
Jazz Pianist, Florian Hoefner.
Tiffany, pianist and teacher.
Studio headshot session with Tiffany, piano teacher.
Close up of a cello bridge.
Writers at the Arts & Culture Centre
Members of the Writers Guild.
Matt Andersen
Matt Andersen, Arts & Culture Centre.
Duo Concertante
Duo Concertante.
MUNE, designed by MUN's Andrew Staniland and Scott Stevenson.
RecreationNL Board
The RecreationNL board.
Rob Power, percussionist
Promotional shots with percussionist, Rob Power.
Iceberg Fort Amherst
Iceberg in The Narrows.
Mamma Mia
Tina Maddigan and Julia Dunne in Mamma Mia.
Dr Paul DeCinque, instrumental conductor.
Marine Drive
A long exposure at Logy Bay.
MEARL, School of Music
MEARL, School of Music.
PCSP Dog Park Grand Opening
Ribbon cutting for the opening of the PCSP dog park.
Dr Ian Sutherland, Dean of the School of Music at D F Cook Recital Hall.
House of Assembly, Confederation Building
The House of Assembly, Confederation Building.
Fort Amherst
Fort Amherst.
Robert, composer
Studio headshots with composer and multi-instrumentalist, Robert Humber.
Tanya Tagaq, Arts & Culture Centre.
Duo Concertante at Cape Spear
Promotional shots with Duo Concertante at Cape Spear.
Cape Spear Sunrise
Sunrise at Cape Spear.
Signature Salon demonstration.
D F Cook Recital Hall, School of Music.
Cohen, pianist
Headshot session with pianist, Cohen Chaulk.
Wonderbolt Circus, Arts & Culture Centre.
NL Recreation Board Member.
Tombolo Multicultural Festival
Tombolo Multicultural Festival.
Extreme close up of a guitar tuning peg.
All Shook Up, Arts & Culture Centre.
Peter Cho, violinist
Studio headshots with violist, Peter Cho.
Donnell Leahy, Arts & Culture Centre.
Promotional shoot, Laura Murray, piano.
Mozart scenes from MUN Opera Workshop and Chamber Orchestra.
Wonderbolt Circus, Arts & Culture Centre.
Julia Dunne in Mamma Mia
Julia Dunne in Mamma Mia, Holy Heart Theatre.
Basia Bulat, Arts & Culture Centre.
Natalie MacMaster, Arts & Culture Centre.
Ally 'Oop with Wonderbolt Circus.
The Once, Arts & Culture Centre.
The End.