Apr 13

Here I Come

I’ve been working on music for the NL Summer Games, a song called Here I Come by a local songwriter, Kathy Stock.  Kathy wrote a fantastic song, but I felt it could use a little more energy considering its position as something of an anthem for the games. I re-orchestrated it with some additional instruments (Kathy included a few Newfoundland musical references, so I decided to add accordion – the first time for me!) and a more lively feel. Here is a short comparison from original to produced.  The song fades over from Kathy’s original demo, to my production at around the 27 second mark.  Vocals came from Adena Cahill, who I’ve worked with on both musical and photographic assignments, and the childrens choir of Villa Nova Junior High who were just wonderful to work with, under their music teacher, Christina Gillingham. All instruments are played virtually by myself.