May 20


Violet's Goofy Photobooth Strip

I was truly inspired by this Shelter Dogs in a Photobooth article showing some amazing photos of shelter dogs that helped them get adopted.  As a strong supporter for Beagle Paws here in Newfoundland (where we got both Jack and Jill), I wanted to try something similar.  Even though I feel I really only nailed the goofy photobooth style for one of the dogs (that’s Violet above), we got so much out of this experience.

I visited Beagle Paws with some lighting gear, my camera, and my good friend, Ritche Perez who was there to shoot some video and help me get the lighting right.  We saw five gorgeous beagles, of mixed backgrounds – some had spent the bulk of their lives outdoors and kept purely as hunting dogs, while others had been given up by their owners, but had known what it means to live indoors. Some had healing wounds that told of their backgrounds but all of these dogs were social, and happy to be in the care of Beagle Paws.

We took each dog in turn trying to entice them with treats (thanks to volunteers – Rosemarie Bowdridge and Sherra Gulliver), in return for posing for the camera.  Being beagles, this was not an easy task.  Well, giving them treats was easy, but getting them to pose wasn’t. But we managed to get a good number of still images of each of the dogs, plus Ritche got some great video footage.

The result was this wonderful video that Ritche put together…

I managed to get enough photos to be happy with the session too, and both the video and the photos have been popular on the Beagle Paws Facebook group.  Here are some of the photos. If you’re interested in adopting, fostering, or helping in some other way, Beagle Paws would love to hear from you.