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Portraits, pets, events, scenery, products: My photos have been published in books, CD’s and promotional materials. Well equipped, with an eye for detail to show your favorite things in their best light.

I have a flexible, and individual pricing structure that will allow me to work within your budget. Typically, I prefer a “work for hire” contract. On an individual level this means that you pay me an hourly rate to take photographs for you. Once I have delivered your images, and they have been paid for, there are no restrictions on what you do with them, and no royalties to pay. If you decide to use one of those images for commercial gain or in some context that we had not discussed, that’s fine with me – you don’t need to credit me for the photos, ask permission for different uses or pay me any more money. I only use samples from your shoot on my web site when they are uncomplicated by releases or permissions, and your permission has been confirmed.  This does mean however, that if other people are included in your photographs, it is your responsibility to gain any model releases or clearance to use any trademarked or copyrighted material for commercial use. This model works well for most clients, and if it doesn’t work in your situation, we can talk about alternatives. Get in touch.

Recent corporate and charitable clients have included

  • Beagle Paws
  • RecreationNL
  • Resource Centre for the Arts
  • Signature Salon
  • The Singing Network
  • St. John’s Arts & Culture Centre
  • Tombolo Multicultural Association
  • Town of Portugal Cove/St. Phillips
  • Tuckamore Festival

You can see some samples of work by following the links above, or here –