Theatre Photography


Stage shows require a different approach to concerts, even in the same venue.  The action and focus changes constantly throughout.  Working with you through your final dress rehearsal or one of your shows can capture the essence of the entire performance. Capture both for even more coverage, with a discount for the extra hours.

I am also happy to do a photo call, and headshot sessions for your talent, leading up to the performance.

I shoot a lot of frames with best in class cameras to capture the essence of your performance. As with all Studio Bee Creative photographic services, you pay for my time in the theatre, and I take care of editing off the clock. I can deliver quickly to give you social media materials to publicize the remainder of your run, and the rest within a week.

I appreciate repeat business, and would like to ensure that you are satisfied with the services that I provide. I will communicate with you before and after the event to ensure your event is fully documented.  While shooting, I never inconvenience your audience, cast or tech crew.