Jul 31

Summer Catch up

Despite the awful Newfoundland summer we’re having, I have been quite productively taking photographs. This is a long post, so go grab a drink and get comfortable (or click out).

I have invested in a new full frame Nikon D610 camera which sits beside my very capable crop frame Nikon D7100. The FX sensor of the D610 is better for some things, and the DX sensor of the D7100 better for others, but one thing I found while photographing a series of events, is that having two cameras at the ready is better than one!  A tad heavy, but it’s doable, and much more convenient.  I no longer get the feeling I don’t have the right lens at the ready! Fast wide FX lenses are insanely expensive, so for now, I’m shooting most wide angle stuff on the D7100 and most telephoto stuff on the D610.  This is a bit backwards since the FX sensor gives a wider view, so is theoretically better for wide angle, but it works for now.  I also picked up the slightly slow 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 lens. It’s smaller aperture is a bit of a disadvantage for me, but this lens is insanely sharp, so until I can afford the f/2.8, this will do just fine. The shutter count on my D7100 has gone from around 28,000 in May when I did the Beagle Paws shoot, to around 32,700 now, and the D610 has already done 5,500 since June, when I got it.

So to some photographs.  Click the images to see them enlarged.

My first trip out of the season was with Focal Play, and we went to Petty Harbour.

Smooth Waters in Petty Harbour

It was a bright day so this was with a 9 stop ND filter and f/16 to blur the water. Alas, f/16 really shows dirt on the sensor. Oh, there’s something else that’s happened this summer.  I finally got the courage to clean my own sensors, using the Sensor Gel Stick.  If you’re a DSLR user, sensor dust is a fact of life. I’ve always taken my cameras to PhotoTec in St. John’s, and while they do a very quick and thorough job, it’s $50 a shot.  I’ve already used the Sensor Gel Stick three or four times, so although it was also about $50, I’ve saved about $150 by not taking it in.

Petty Harbour has changed a lot since I was last there, which would have been around 2000.  It doesn’t look as quaint as it once was and so many of the photo opportunities that showed off its personality are gone.  Perhaps the only other image of note from that session is this one…  A Foundation Course in Foundations!

Foundation Course in Foundations

Next up was a doggie shoot with Lilly, a sweet, energetic little beagle.  I got some great shots of Lilly against a white background, and Lilly had extra treats to chomp on!

Lilly the beagle

A couple of days later, a portrait shoot for composer Andrew Noseworthy.  We tried many things, including this one, which is something of a copy from an impromptu photo op that Andrew’s girlfriend took a while back.  In black and white, it has a real oldie quality to it.

Andrew Noseworthy

A bit of practice of doggie shoots with Jill yielded this gem.

Jill with Moo

I just have been wanting to try a texture thing for a little while.  I did a grunge Photoshop course a little while back, and it occurred to me during that, that a great vignette for grunge would be an old dirty baking tray…   here’s the result.


Maybe its hard to imagine on its own…  here’s the previous photo of Jilly treated with the baking tray effect…

Jilly Baking Tray

I went out to shoot a sunset overlooking Bell Island with my good photography friend Ritche Perez.

Portugal Cove Ferry TerminalSun Setting over Bell Island Sun Setting over Bell Island

My first trip out with the D610 was a month later, also with Focal Play, this time to Rennie’s River trail.  It was a slightly confused outing, so we didn’t actually get very far.

Rennie's River Dandelion

This next one was a mistake, but a happy one. I’d accidentally left on a close up filter, and this was the result.


After the walk, Ritche and I went down town to take some photographs at the Peace on George concert.

Peace on George

A welcome day off work led me to Bannerman Park which was just about to have a grand re-opening. I was disappointed in the lack of attention to detail – the ugly metal sign next to the ornate clock, the badly spaced name plate at the entrance to the park.

Bad placement of sign Bad spacing on sign

I left disappointed, but was soon restored by the very old, wonderfully renovated Basilica. Ah… some real thought went into that. How about learning from this Bannerman Park? Or should I say Bannerm An Park?


Inspired by rainfall in the garden, I put a close up filter on my 50mm, and shot some dandelions (yes, they’re annoying, but they’re also pretty fascinating).

wet dandelion

wet dandelion
A not so rare photo of my hooligans…


Had an absolute blast photographing Adonis Puente and the Sound of Cuba Orchestra at the Arts & Culture Centre. Here, I was very pleased to have the D610. I shot with both cameras, and got some good shots with both, but the D610’s advantage in very low light really came through here. I was very happy with some of the moments I captured here.

Adonis Puente

Adonis Puente

Adonis Puente

This was the start of a long weekend shooting for the Tombolo Multicultural Association. The Adonis Puente show was the definite highlight but the whole weekend presented new and valuable challenges for me. Again, I used both cameras to capture events and another concert. Lighting was a significant challenge, but I was happy with what I got.

Dan Rubin

Kat McLevey

Andy Jones

Wallace Hammond

I took almost 3000 photographs over that weekend. The next one was quite heavy too, photographing for local events of the PanAm and ParaPan Am Games. That had it’s own challenges.

ParaPan Am Games
Next up, a quick headshot for Erin Barnhardt for the Arts & Culture Centre brochure.
Erin Barnhardt
Beagle Paws had their 2000th adoption. Here is that adoption Buddy, with his mother, Riley that I shot for the Beagle Paws calendar.
Beagle Paws 2000th Adoption

Here it is on the front cover of the 2016 calendar.  Click the image to go order from Beagle Paws.

Here are a couple more snaps from that evening.
Beagle Paws 2000th Adoption

Beagle Paws 2000th Adoption

Finally, a couple more wet things and we’re all up to date! You can head over to Flickr to see some more images from these events.

More wet things

More wet things