Jul 17

Sunrise, sunset…

As part of my involvement with an awareness concert called Mysterious Barricades which happens in September across Canada, I agreed to video tape a sunrise from St. John’s.  After scouting various locations, I determined that the best place to do this would be Cape Spear – the most easterly point in North America.  Although I could be considered a morning person, the thought of getting up at 4am on multiple occasions in order to get the video didn’t fill me with joy, so I decided to practice using a sunset. The lighting should be at least similar, and will help me determine whether my camera sensor can capture the whole thing without changing exposure settings part way through.

I’ve yet to process the videos of both sunset and sunrise, but here are some stills captured just after I finished video taping in each case. The sunset over Bell Island from Portugal Cove, and the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean from Cape Spear.